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135 Thoughts Everyone Has Hiking The Inca Trail to Machu Picchu

  1. I’m so excited I can’t even sleep.
  2. I really wish I slept.
  3. I hope I like these people.
  4. It’s too early to talk to strangers.
  5. I’m not sure I’ve ever been happier to get roadside coffee.
  6. I don’t think this coffee is working.
  7. Small talk is the worst, but these people seem okay.
  8. Breakfast!
  9. Oh, they bring us plates. Sorry for eating this bread like a hoodlum.
  10. Okay! Let’s get started!
  11. This isn’t so bad.
  12. Oh this is the easy part? Great.
  13. It’s quite pretty.
  14. We’re hiking those mountains? But they’re so tall!
  15. These donkeys are cool but I wish they didn’t poop all over the trail.
  16. I also wish I didn’t drink that coffee because now I have to pee.
  17. Yeah, I paid 1 sole for that bathroom stop and the toilette didn’t even flush.
  18. That train is taking people to Machu Picchu without hiking for four days?
  19. How are the porters passing us already?
  20. Wait, if there’s a route that takes you straight there in two days why are we on this one that takes four?
  21. Snack time? Yes please.
  22.  Inca sites are SO cool.
  23. Let’s have someone take our picture.
  24. Does every plant in Peru get you high?
  25. I swear he said 10 minutes till lunch. It’s been 11 and I’m dying.
  26. Seriously!? Garlic cheesy bread!? Pumpkin soup!? Vegetarian ceviche just for us!?
  27. There’s still more food?!
  28. Is lunch always going to be this amazing?
  29. Wait – how did they cook this? Magic??
  30. That mountain valley is so beautiful. 
  31. Was that a pig that just ran past me!?
  32. Why does time go slower when I’m going uphill?
  33. How are these porters so fast? Are we that slow?
  34. I don’t know that I’d call this “moderate”.
  35. I can’t even handle this view right now.
  36. I wish I didn’t eat all my freaking snacks on my first break.
  37. I’m really starting like our little Inca Family!
  38. Oh that’s the same valley I’ve been taking pictures of every single mile.
  39. The porters set up this entire campsite already? How is that possible?
  40. There is tea time!? Okay, this is totally “glamping”.
  41. The porters carry HOW MUCH!? We should be cooking for them!
  42. Seriously!? Flaming Pisco bananas foster!? I can’t even.
  43. This camp bathroom is actually super nice.
  45. Sleeping in this tent isn’t so bad.
  46. What is noise? Think that’s a bear outside our tent? We’re gonna die.
  47. Naw, we’re good. I’m sure it was just someone’s dog. (Whatever helps you sleep at night.)
  48. Oh, of course you wake me up gently by bringing me hot tea to my tent door.
  49. Today is supposed to be the hardest day. It can’t be that bad.
  50. We’re going up that mountain?
  51. There seems to be discrepancies in just how tall that mountain is, can anyone confirm?
  52. I would give 10 soles for a bathroom that wasn’t a hole in the ground. I’ll just wait till camp.
  53. OMG llamas! That’s fun!
  54. Coca leaves? No thank you.
  55. Okay, give me all the coca please.
  56. Seriously, how am I still going uphill?
  57. I wish I could soak in this view instead of looking at my feet constantly to be sure I don’t fall off this mountain.
  58. How is there still further up to go!?
  59. I’m hot.
  60. I’m cold.
  61. I’m hot.
  62. I’m cold.
  63. I’m pretty sure these steps are never going to end.
  64. I’m not saying I want to bail, but if I did, what are the options?
  65. Okay, if the porters can do this 3x faster and with 10x as much weight on their backs, I can do this with my tiny little daypack.
  66. But my legs are so sore!
  67. Is that still the same valley? It’s like we haven’t gotten anywhere!
  68. Okay, yesterday was definitely moderate.
  69. I wish this air had actual oxygen in it.
  71. Is it too soon to tell my Inca family that I love them?
  72. I literally have no idea how our porters ran up this mountain with all of our stuff and a toilet.
  73. It’s freezing up here.
  74. Thank goodness! Finally downhill!
  75. Oh, downhill is not better. My knees hate me.
  76. You don’t think that path straight up that mountain over there is the “easy” part of the afternoon do you?
  77. Oh it is? Cool, can’t wait.
  78. I have never been more excited for lunch. I can eat as much as I want because I earned this, dang it!
  79. And back up we go!
  80. You said this would be easier than this morning, but I actually feel like this just as straight up hill.
  81. Another Inca site! They were so busy!
  82. Let’s just take a selfie.
  83. Really though, why did the Inca’s hike our trail when they could just walk along that river down there?
  84. I would have been the WORST Inca. I’d have looked at this mountain and just been like, “nope.”
  85. Maybe not though, this view is to die for.
  86. There go the porters, just being incredible!
  87. That mountain over there? Yeah, we hiked over it because we’re badasses.
  88. “We beat the group to the meeting point, want to off-trail it to the top of this peak real quick?” “Uphill voluntarily? Yup!”
  89. I get the whole mountain thing. Being at the top is like, the coolest thing ever.
  90. More downhill steps – I’m basically a pro at these by now.
  91. But how does the view keep getting more beautiful!?
  92. You’re telling me I have the option to go 100 steps straight up to see that gorgeous Inca site? Let’s do it. What’s 100 more steps?
  93. OMG so many bugs.
  94. There is a bug in my eyelashes and I think I just inhaled at least 10.
  95. I love the things you’re telling me right now about this site, guide, but I honestly can’t think about anything other than the mosquitos crawling into my clothes.
  96. It’s beautiful though. I’m glad I did it.
  97. Right when I think the view can’t be beat, the sun sets over the valley.
  98. We finished our toughest day!! I’m pretty dang proud of my Inca Family.
  99. Of course dinner is delicious, I’m not even surprised anymore.
  100. I’m so ready to crawl into that sleeping bag.
  101. Could the “most beautiful day” really be that much more beautiful than the hike has been so far? Judging by this sunrise, it sure looks like it.
  102. We’ve officially walked from the dessert to the rainforest. Seriously, who can say that?
  103. I can’t stop touching the moss.
  104. Oh, these caves are fun!
  105. I’m really diggin’ how flat this walk is.
  106. This paths look like they came straight out of Pandora IRL.
  107. This Inca site in the clouds is LEGIT!
  108. If I was an Inca, there’s no way I was rich and important enough to live in this country house, but it’d be cool if I was.
  109. These llamas seriously just freely roam this joint?! Sign me up!
  110. I’m sure the view would be great if I wasn’t in a cloud right now. Not complaining, though! It’s amazing either way.
  111. Still a lot of steep steps for an “easy” day. I no longer believe my guides assessment of difficulty.
  112. Let’s just hang out in this Inca cave and wait for the rest of our group.
  113. I’ll just pee on the other side of that rock, it’s fine. #incatoilets
  114. Are these porters super humans!?
  115. I can’t stop taking pictures of these pathways. I’m pretty sure I’m in a storybook.
  116. Okay, this Inca site is SO COOL! They never stop being impressive.
  117. Yeah, I’m gonna need an Instagram photo from the back of me sitting on this ledge with this killer mountain view in front of me. 
  118. Family jumping photo!? We’re officially all best friends.
  119. And you’re gonna give me nap time!? This is definitely the best day.
  120. Thanks weather for choosing this one-hour block while we were nestled in our tents to rain instead of while we were climbing up those steps.
  121. I’m not sure how it’s possible, but this Inca site is even more incredible and we get to play with llamas!
  122. Can I have a pet llama in Chicago?
  123. Okay, seriously? They made me a napkin swan with dinner!?
  124. I’ll miss my tent a little bit, but I’m really looking forward to my fluffy hotel bed back in Cusco.
  125. If I have to wake up at 3:30 AM, I’m so happy it’s with a steaming hot cup of coffee.
  126. I forget what it’s like to wear clean clothes.
  127. Are these even steps anymore? I’m pretty sure it’s technically a ladder now if I have to use my hands.
  128. WOW. That’s Machu Pichhu from Sun Gate.
  129. It is even more impressive up close.
  130. Let’s take ALL the pics. Just start a photo line. 
  131. How did they build this!? This is the most incredible thing I’ve ever seen.
  132. Every step I’ve taken has been worth it for this moment.
  133. Guys, we did it!
  134. I’m really gonna miss these people.
  135. Wait, why is no one waking me up with hot tea delivery anymore?!

Anastasia Gordon

Thursday 20th of September 2018

Lol, just finished 4 days Inka trail few days ago... Your "135 thoughts" made me laugh and smile. You nailed it, girl! Can't word it better :) What an amazing adventure is was!!!


Saturday 22nd of September 2018

Hi Anastasia!! Aaah!!! Wasn't it just the best!? I miss Peru - it was just the best. We did the trip at almost the same time last year! How was the weather for you!? I'm so glad you could relate to this post - that makes me so happy! Happy travels!