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Mondays are for The Bachelor & Machu Picchu Planning

We don’t drink often, but when we do, we book international excursions. Sometimes all you need is a dream and a little white wine.

That’s how this whole trip went from an idea to a plan. We had plotted and budgeted, we made wish lists and tentative itineraries, we stockpiled credit card points and our savings account, and yet we still kept saying, “If we travel…”

And then there we were, splitting a bottle of Barefoot Pino Grigio and watching Nick Vial (swoon) totally botch being the Bachelor while I casually compared Inca Trail trek companies.

I said “I think we should do Alpaca.” And Kenny said, “Book it.”

Now, I’m not one to make snap decisions. It takes me at least an hour to pick where I’m going for lunch. I asked Kenny at least 50 times if I should order the Steripen. But two glasses of wine in, I booked it. We had purchased our first, non-refundable piece of our trip. We were officially taking this trip.

It was “When we travel…” from there on out.

Drinking and travel planning would continue to be one of our favorite past times. We most recently registered for the Budapest Marathon from a bar during happy hour. There are worst things to do after drinking.