Across from the bar at Boundless Mezcal Cafe, you’ll find a long communal table. Now let me tell you: I have a soft spot for communal seating in coffee shops. There’s something about a cup of coffee that brings people together, and it’s that sense of comradery that I really notice when we’re all sitting next to each other at a hightop table. Some people are tapping away on their MacBooks working on their blogs, some are sharing a muffin for breakfast with their espresso, while others are just sitting, taking a moment to enjoy their day. It’s nice.

And while the cafe was not very crowded in the mornings (people drink their coffee much later here), we’d occasionally be joined by a few other coffee drinkers who sometimes jokingly (and incorrectly) accused us of working too hard on vacation. Of course, the small cafe also has bar seating and a cozy living room area with comfy couches and chairs if the long hightop isn’t your thing.

The coffee is locally grown and roasted, the baristas are friendly (we even met a girl from Iowa!), and the  the coffee menu is traditional. The simplicity of it feels so luxurious, though. The cafe is also more than a coffee shop, and has a full bar, light food menu and often has live music.

It’s really a delightful spot to start your day or recharge after a day in this hot city.

Details //
  • Location: Old City, in Plaza de la Paz (the main gate to the Old City),  (Calle 34, 7-33, Plaza de los Coches)
  • What we ordered: We’ve had the cold brew, mocha, and americano
  • Price: 10,000 COP (~$3.25 USD) for cold brew; 9,000 COP (~$3 USD) for Mocha; 5,000 COP (~$1.75 USD) for americano
  • Wifi:  Yes, available and speedy enough
  • Seating: Indoor seating (with AC)
  • Table service or walk up: Table service
  • Languages Spoken: Spanish and English
  • Credit cards accepted: Yes, but we paid with cash
  • Chain or Local: Local
Scores //
  • Drink Quality: 9/10
  • Food Quality: N/A (Didn’t try anything)
  • Menu Creativity: 5/10
  • Perceived Safety: 10/10
  • Service: 8/10
  • Good for digital nomads: 8/10
  • Good for vegetarians: 4/10
  • Perceived Popularity: 6/10