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[Cafe Review] Cafe Jesus Martin | Salento, Colombia

Summary //

Cafe Jesus Martin is a coffee shop that stands out in a region dominated by coffee growers but lacks coffee drinkers.

Salento is right in the heart of Colombia’s coffee triangle and there are coffee fincas (farms) for miles in nearly every direction filling a good portion of west-central Colombia. And while you’d think that would mean amazing coffee is everywhere, that’s simply not true. The coffee culture here is very different, and they don’t drink coffee as much, as early, or as often as Europeans and Americans.

A valley of coffee farms for as far as you can see.

While I totally botched my Spanish every time I tried to order at Jesus Martin, we were really impressed by all the things this coffee shop had to offer! Their menu appealed to the whole spectrum of coffee drinkers like the specialty brewing methods of their locally grown coffee for the real coffee fan ranging all the way to the Batido Pasión, a blended beverage including passion fruit and condesned milk, for the dessert coffee drinker.

We didn’t get to spend as much time here as I would have liked due the number of days we were in Salento, but we did manage to get here twice which gave us the chance to spend a little bit of time in their lively cafe.

If you’re ever in Salento, this is absolutely the coffee shop you need to go to.

Details //
  • Location: Just steps away from the main square (Cra. 6 #6 – 14, Salento, Quindío)
  • What we ordered: Our first visit we had the latte frio (iced latte) and cafe frio tangerine (iced coffee with fresh squeezed tangerine juice), and our second visit we spit the Batido Pasión (Frappuccino-esque blended beverage with coffee, condesned milk and fresh passion fruit)
  • Price: 6,000 COP (~ $2 USD) for an iced coffee or iced latte and 10,000 (~ $3.25 USD) for a specialty drink like the Batido Pasión
  • Wifi:  Yes, available and speedy enough
  • Seating: Indoor seating
  • Table service or walk up: Both
  • Languages Spoken: Spanish
  • Credit cards accepted: Yes, but we paid with cash.
  • Chain or Local: Local
Scores //
  • Drink Quality: 9/10
  • Food Quality: N/A (Didn’t try anything)
  • Menu Creativity: 9/10
  • Perceived Safety: 10/10
  • Service: 7/10
  • Good for digital nomads: 9/10
  • Good for vegetarians: 7/10
  • Perceived Popularity: 8/10