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Flight Stats: LIM – CUZ

  • Origin: Lima, Peru (LIM)
  • Destination: Cusco, Peru (CUZ)
  • Flight Cost: $151.64 for two
  • Payment Method: Cash
  • Flight Date: 8/27/17
  • Flight Time:  54 Minutes
  • Total Travel Time: 5 Hours 45 Minutes
  • Flight Delay: 0
  • Miles Covered: 365
  • Airline: Avianca
  • Plane: Airbus A319
  • Class: Economy
  • Entertainment: None (no TVs!)
  • Amenity Kit: None
  • Food: None
  • Primary Language: Spanish
  • Memorable Moment: The approach into Cusco was really cool, and one of the toughest approaches in aviation. Due to the high mountains, planes can only take off and land in one direction. The approach will fly you parallel to the runway before making a steep embanked curve right before landing.