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Flight Stats: MCO – MDE via PCY

Connection 1
  • Origin: Orlando, FL (MCO)
  • Destination: Panama City, Panama (PTY)
  • Flight time:  2 Hr 52 Min
  • Miles Covered: 1,421
  • Airline: Copa
  • Plane: Boeing 737-800
  • Class: Economy
  • Flight Cost (for 2): $540.70
  • Payment Type: cash
  • Food: Sandwiches which we couldn’t eat (vegetarian) and potato chips
  • Entertainment: Keeping up with the Joneses
  • Amenity Kit: None
  • Primary Language: Spanish
  • Memorable Moment(s): Flying over Cuba and Grand Caymen Island and whatever this is:

Does anyone know what this is? My guess is a reef island. Is that a thing?

Connection 2
  • Origin: Panama City, Panama (PTY)
  • Destination: Medellin, Columbia (MDE)
  • Flight time:  53 Min
  • Miles Covered: 338
  • Airline: Copa
  • Plane: Boeing 737-700
  • Class: Economy
  • Flight Cost (for 2): NA – connection
  • Payment Type: NA – connection
  • Food: Pasta Salad, Salami, Gouda, Roll
  • Entertainment: NA
  • Amenity Kit: None
  • Primary Language: Spanish
  • Memorable Moment(s): The fact that we got an actual meal on a 1 hour flight!

The approach into Medellin was through the mountains and way more beautiful than this photo captures.

We did not expect actual food on a 1 hour flight but happily ate it (except for the salami!)