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Lattes & Laptops

Coffee is essential in this relationship and it’s going to be essential to this blog. It’s not just our physical addiction to caffeine (although that is a big part of it), but it drives how we plan our days, where we work remotely, and how we spend our free time.

Saturdays are for long runs, and Sundays are for spending hours working on life projects at Starbucks. So much of this trip was planned from the Starbucks bar.

I personally am a huge Starbucks fan specifically. I know that Starbucks is not the best coffee; I know it’s corporate; I know so many people hate it for one reason or another, but Starbucks has my heart.

I worked there for six years, I met my husband there, I love the reliable consistency that comes from being able to get the same product from anywhere around the world.

I do solemnly swear to try a local coffee show everywhere I go around the world, but I also can promise to visit a Starbucks in every city, too.