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Flight Stats: YYZ – ORD

After spending three months in South America, we flew back to the US for my high school best friend’s wedding. We found a great deal to fly Air Canada Business Class from Santiago, Chile to Toronto, which is honestly why we planned the trip to Santiago at all. After an amazing Business Class experience, we hopped on an economy flight the final leg from Toronto to Chicago.

  • Origin: Toronto, Canada (YYZ)
  • Destination: Chicago, United States (ORD)
  • Flight Cost: Connection. Total flight cost from Santiago to Chicago via Toronto was $99.72 +110,000 United miles for two (United miles were transferred from Chase Ultimate Rewards points)
  • Payment Method: Connection. Full flight payment method was Points + Cash
  • Value per Point: Connection. Full flight value per point was $0.05
  • Flight Date: 9/20/17
  • Flight Time: 1 Hour 5 Minutes
  • Total Travel Time:17 Hours 2 Minutes (includes both legs of flight)
  • Flight Delay: 0
  • Miles Covered: 436
  • Airline: Air Canada
  • Plane: RJ 190
  • Class: Economy
  • Entertainment: None!! No TVs.
  • Amenity Kit: None
  • Food: None.
  • Drink: Coffee
  • Primary Language: French, English
  • Memorable Moment: Going through US customs in Canada, which was strange but probably less crowded than ORD. It was absolutely an awful experience. We had to go through another round of security, no one explained anything to us, nothing was labeled, and when they asked for the reason of my visit, I was so used to telling customs I was tourist so I unconvincingly bumbled “I’m a resident?” He said “Ma’am, you’re a citizen,” and sent me on my way.