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[Photos] Every Animal I’ve Met Around the World

I never considered myself an animal person. Other than birds, which I love, I’ve never really cared too much about animals. Or so I thought. Then we started traveling the world.

The more we traveled, the more animals I met, the more I started loving them. I met exotic animals that I’d only ever seen in zoos, and I met regular animals that up close I came to love. So I started doing what any reasonable person would do: I took pictures with every animal I met.

I’m excited to share my compilation of every animal I’ve personally met during our eleven months of travel. I tried to take selfies with all of them, but sometimes it’s just my animal friend.

Every Animal I’ve Met Around the World

Click the red arrows to flip through the photo gallery.

After this trip, birds are still my favorite animal, but I think monkeys are in a solid second place. Oh, and elephants! I had the best day with the elephants at Maerim Elephant Sanctuary in Chiang Mai! What’s your favorite animal? Share in the comments; bonus points for including a photo!