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Parque Explora – Medellin’s Interactive Science Museum

Parque Explora is not your typical science museum. It is filled with games, activities and experiences that really trick you into learning by making it SO much fun.

We got to draw ourselves into a comic strip!

When you first walk into the outside open play area, Sala Abierta, you can climb, touch and  play your way through a dinosaur-inspired garden playground. 

We made a few friends.

Then, you make your way up three floors of the aquarium, Acuario, to find yourself at the next four exhibits: On Stage, Live Physics,  Time and Mind.

This trippy tunnel was a real mind bender!

Each exhibit is two floors full of interactive stations where you can star in a movie trailer, test your fitness, challenge you’re perception of time, and bend your mind. Many of the activities even offered fun photos or videos you could email to yourself as a fun keepsake.

Honey, I shrunk my wife!

There are plenty of helpful and engaging staff who help you understand and engage with everything the park has to offer (they are very good at pointing if you’re not good at Spanish). While not many of the staff spoke English, this is one of the few places where we’ve actually seen signage in English, which meant we could actually understand what we were supposed to be learning.

A cool depiction of what our bodies would look like if we were scaled by where our neurons were located.

While Parque Explora gets great reviews from most people, I didn’t realize quite how excited I should be for our day there. I’ve been to Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry, but I was completely blown away but the quantity and quality of things to do at Parque Explora. If we had this much fun as adults, I can only imagine how much fun it would be for a child.

Always cheesin’

I would suggest you plan to stay for about 6 hours. There are a few restaurants in the park, but they did not offer anything vegetarian so we ate across the street at the Jardin Botanico (Botanical Gardens). For only 22,000 COD (about $7 USD) it is an absolutely great way to spend a day in Medellin.

Making our way through time into our next exhibit

Always thinking

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