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Our Favorites: Medellin

We spent 19 beautiful days in Medellin, Colombia, and it only took about 48 hours to fall in love with this city. I didn’t do so well running the steep hills and I would call it more the City of Eternal Late-Spring-Almost-Summer on the weather front, but if those are the closest I can get to complaints, I’d call it a pretty great place.

Since we were here for so long, we were able to see, try and do just about everything on our list (the only thing we pushed off for next time was Parque Arvi). Here are some of our favorites from our time here.


Cafe Zorba


Beer Mustard Pizza from Cafe Zorba: red sauce, beer mustard, mixed greens, green olives, sweet peppers & cheese

Street Food

Empanadas  (for 90 cents a pop, what’s not to love?!)


Pergamino (my full review here)

Pergamino was basically our second home here in Medellin.

Coffee Beverage

Limonada de café from Toucan Cafe (cafe review here)


La Octava

No medicine cures what happiness cannot.


Pilsen (cheap and local!)

Casual beers at Tree Bar – the bar located at Happy Buddha Boutique Hostel

Outside Activity

Coffee Farm Tour (recap here)

The view from near the top of the coffee farm.

Inside Activity

Parque Explora (recap here)

We made a few friends.


El Peñol (recap here)


The top of the coffee farm (sorry to repeat!)

The view from near the top of the coffee farm.

Planning a trip to Medellin?

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