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[Cafe Review] Toucan Cafe | Medellin, Colombia

Summary //

Toucan has become a bit of a home base for us. We’ve gone on three tours with Toucan Cafe & Tours (Coffee Farm Tour, Graffiti Tour and Guatape  & El Peñol Tour), and each time we have had coffee there while awaiting our departure. We’ve also spent a few mornings working from there, partly because we love it and partly because they’re the only coffee shop that is reliably open at an early hour (we’re talking 8 AM – this town is SO slow to wake up!). We also grabbed beers there after a stressful return from our coffee farm tour.

Iced Latte & Iced Coffee

We usually order cold brew, but it was the limonada de café (coffee lemonade) that really stood out here. We expected an iced coffee with lemonade beverage that we’d had places before, but this was a blended beverage that was insanely refreshing and delicious.

Limonada de café & iced latte

The cafe patio is enclosed, which made us feel at ease about having our laptops out (not that we’ve ever felt unsafe here, but better safe than sorry).

Working on Toucan’s enclosed patio.

The crowd here ebbs and flows based on the tour timing, but you can almost always get a spot and not feel bad about staying as long as you want. Overall, Toucan is a quality, reliable spot to work and enjoy good coffee.

Details //

  • Location: Near Parque Lleras in the Poblado neighborhood (Calle 10 #41-32, Medellín, Antioquia)
  • What we ordered: We’ve been here several times and have Iced Coffee, Nitro Cold Brew, Limonada de Café, and Iced Latte
  • Price: about 12,000 COP for two drinks (about $4 USD)
  • Wifi:  Yes, available and speedy enough
  • Seating: Indoor seating, enclosed open-air patio seating
  • Food: Light breakfast and lunch options available. The vegetarian empanadas were the best I’ve had in Medellin! The sauce was to die for!
  • Table service or walk up: Walk up
  • Languages Spoken: Spanish and English (but I’ve done my best to order in Spanish)
  • Credit cards accepted: Yes, but we paid with cash.
  • Chain or Local: Local

Scores //

  • Drink Quality: 7/10
  • Food Quality: 8/10
  • Menu Creativity: 7/10
  • Perceived Safety: 9/10
  • Service: 6/10
  • Good for digital nomads: 8/10
  • Good for vegetarians: 7/10
  • Perceived Popularity: 8/10

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