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Parque Lleras – Medellin’s Bar District

In the heart of Medellin’s Poblado neighborhood, you’ll find the bumping bar district of Parque Lleras.  We have fallen in love with Parque Lleras. It’s definitely the place that we’ve visited most frequently here in Medellin, and it would absolutely be a must-do for anyone coming to the city.

While most cities have a bar district, there are two things that set Parque Lleras apart:

  1. Every bar and restaurant has all open-air patio seating (thank you, City of Eternal Spring!)
  2. The park for which the area gets its name
A daytime view of the park

The park itself is lit up by white string lights (because that makes every bar 10x more appealing) and lined with vendors selling things like bracelets, hats and flowers. It is filled with people sitting on steps drinking beer they’ve purchased for cheap from the convenience store and watching street performers and bar goers. It’s great people watching and a perfect night out even if you don’t even make into the bars.

One of the many, many nights we’ve spent at Parque Lleras

Circling the park and jetting out in spokes to all the side streets that connect it, is a web of bars and restaurants that appeal to every type of patron and a wide range of price points. You could try two different bars a night and keep yourself busy for weeks. You could also by a crappy beer for 2,000 Colombian Pesos ($0.66 USD) or a craft beer for 8,000 ($2.66 USD).

One of the many streets protruding from the park center.

It has a bit of a Vegas vibe insofar many of the clubs and restaurants have promotors walking the park trying to get people to come to their establishment. This is smart because as far as we have noticed, the bars all offer a very similar product at varying prices.

Unfortunately they don’t accept our Stout loyalty card … we know, we were bummed and surprised, too!

Happy hour definitely appears to be a thing here as many of the bars have signs boasting specials, but we have not yet been able to figure out exactly what they mean and to be honest, just haven’t asked. Although one time we got twice as many beers as we intended to order because of a BOGO deal we apparently benefited from.

One of our favorite dive spots was definitely Niagara 5 Puertas. It’s clearly been there for a long time and we understood why.

While people say the scene doesn’t heat up until around 11PM, we have yet to see that for ourselves. We tend to get a couple drinks and be home before 10 and have found that to be heated enough for us. But if the club scene was you’re scene, we’ve been told this is a great place for you to dance the night away!

Casual beers at Tree Bar – the bar located at Happy Buddha Boutique Hostel

We absolutely understand why so many people rave about Medellin, and Parque Lleras is one of the main reasons why we believe them. Have I mentioned how much we love this place?!

The outside area of 37 Park was adorable with stump seating and banners strung from the trees. If you wanted to watch the futbal game and a french film with Spanish subtitles, this was the place for you!

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