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AMC Dine-In 600 Michigan 9 Review

The AMC Dine-In 600 Michigan 9 is a movie theater located in the heart of Chicago’s downtown, just off the Magnificent Mile. In this post, we review the AMC Dine-In 600 Michigan 9, including everything from the different screen types to buying tickets to concession options.

AMC 600 Michigan Offerings

AMC Dine-In 600 Michigan 9 has nine screens, all of which are “Dine-In Delivery to Seat” screens (more on that below). While it occasionally shows RealD 3D showings, they aren’t as common as the nearby AMC River East 21 (in Streeterville) or AMC Dine-In Block 37 (in the Loop).

Buying Tickets

The AMC 600 Michigan 9 is an AMC theater, so your best options for purchasing tickets in advance are via the AMC app, online via AMC, or online via Fandango.

We’re AMC Stubs A*List Members, which gets us three movies every week for $19.95+tax monthly. You can buy tickets in-person via kiosks on the ground level or via a ticket counter on the main level of the theater.

Here are the prices as of April 2019 for early and later showings, by film type:

  • Digital – $6.39 to $13.69
  • RealD 3D – $10.39 to $17.69

The screens do vary in size. Regardless of the theater, we don’t recommend being in the first two rows. Even with the recliners, the views from these two rows just aren’t great.

Location and Getting There

The AMC 600 Michigan 9 is located in downtown Chicago at 600 North Michigan…sort of. Actually at 600 N Michigan, you’ll see the Under Armour Store. The entrance to the theater is actually one block west, at the corner of Ohio and Rush.

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From much of downtown, you’ll just want to walk or take the bus. Use Google Maps to find the right bus, plenty go by this area. We have a guide to taking the CTA bus system.

Taking Chicago’s L train system, the Red Line stop at Grand and State is very conveniently located just a few blocks from the theater.

If you’re parking, you’ll either have to try your luck with street parking ($4 / hour) or go with a garage. Nearby 50 East Ohio will run you about $20 to $40 depending on your length of stay.

You’ll need to take two sets of escalators to reach the first level of the theater, where you’ll find the ticket booth, concessions, MacGuffins, and a few theaters. A few more theaters are located up more sets of escalators on higher floors.

Movie Snacks & Dine-In Service

The food options at AMC 600 Michigan 9 are standard for a large-market AMC. Here are some sample items and prices:

  • Large Popcorn – $8.99
  • Large Soda – $6.49
  • Skittles – $4.79
  • Nachos – $7.99
  • Flatbread Pizza – $13.49
  • Pretzel Bites – $8.99
  • Burgers – $14.49

The “Dine-In” service at Michigan 9 is AMC’s middle tier offering. The seats are signature recliners–large, comfortable seats. Each seat has a relatively small swivel table for your concessions.

Unlike a full-service Dine-In, the Michigan 9 is a “Dine-In Delivery To Seat” theater. This is a mixed bag for a few reasons.

First, Dine-In Delivery to Seat means you still need to order your food at the concession stand. They’ll then look at your ticket and code in your seat manually, and the food will be delivered to your seat.

You need to check your receipt to make sure they enter the theater and seat information correctly. We’ve had them enter the wrong information before.

The second problem with Dine-In Delivery to Seat is that it can be time consuming. Now, full service dine-in also can take some time, but the quality of food is usually a little better, and you’re typically not just ordering small bites like pretzels or mozzarella sticks.

Typically, we’ve waited about 20 to 30 minutes from ordering to delivery. That’s quite long considering we order things like pretzel bites, flatbreads, and nachos.

MacGuffins Bar

If you’re not familiar, MacGuffins Bar is the standard bar offering at AMC theaters. It typically offers beer, wine, and select cocktails. You can order food at this MacGuffins, which is a nice touch, but it’s otherwise nothing special.

Seating at AMC 600 Michigan 9

We provided a picture of the seating above. All of the screens utilize the same seats, but the theaters are different sizes. We try to avoid the first two rows, but we find the third acceptable.

What’s Nearby

What isn’t nearby? Located just off the Magnificent Mile, there are tons of nearby restaurants and bars. Michigan itself isn’t a great hub for drinking and dining, but you’ll find Pizzeria Uno and Pizzeria Due only a block away.

Head a few blocks west to Clark Street and you’ll find Maggiano’s, Beatrix, Fado Irish Pub, Rick Bayless’s Frontera Grill, and one of Chicago’s favorite fast food spots–Portillo’s.

Just about a mile east are Ohio Street Beach and Navy Pier (which has an AMC IMAX theater). A mile south is famed Millennium Park.

AMC 600 Michigan 9 – Conclusions

AMC 600 Michigan 9 is our least favorite of the four AMC theaters downtown. The Dine-In service is not all that impressive, with wait times pretty unjustified for a theater with just nine screens. The nine screens also mean limited shows compared to, say, the AMC River East 21.

The biggest thing the AMC 600 Michigan 9 has going for it are that is has large, reserved seats, something lacking at most of the AMC River East 21 screens. That said, Block 37 just a bit south has reserved seating and full service Dine In, and the AMC River East’s Dolby Cinema Screen is a fantastic experience with reserved seats.

Really, the AMC 600 Michigan 9 is best suited for people visiting downtown for a short period who can’t rely on a Dolby Cinema showing at AMC River East 21 and for whom the Block 37 theater would be too much of a detour. It’s a fine theater in a prime location, but it’s not going to be the best option if you have some flexibility.